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a last stage, the venous dilatation extends even to the
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More recently a monograph by Paul Londe has appeared, of which an
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almost always occur in women. The disease occurs about three times as
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santly at fault ; she worries and frets not only the
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actual abrasion of the skin to excite a greater deposit of pigment in certain
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was increased ; in some it was violent ; in many considerably
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nothing should be taken from the condyles of the humerus, when the
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Dissension among Vienna Doctors. — The members of
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In some cases the hemorrhage is so severe as to suggest the possibility of
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You'll have time for your family and to keep abreast of
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sician and patient. He reports the case as interesting, first because of the
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ommended by the best authorities as the proper line of
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the corresponding week of the past five years. Pneu-
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craving for sympathy. The physician must adopt a sympathetic-
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cannot be a surgeon ; I am going to try to be a better one for I
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the past inflammation must run through their normal stages
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into luke-warm. Simmer it very gently until done. It is a
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and a sort of cavity containing yellowish semi-gelatinous fluid
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Dr. Squibb, the power of disinfecting substances gene-
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fully undergone its characteristic alteration of form ; but there
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with air. Some writers have stated that thei'o is greater risk of tlie disease
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Traite(nent de I'frysijiele de la face par les pulverisations
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lower lid. If there is no inversion of the lower lid, the flap should be
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whole my experience has not been such as to discourage the hoi)e
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joints in the feet. Cases in which the smaller joints are involved are
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We are promised a perfect repertory, containing a reference to every
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defects in the causation of epilepsy and other disorders, but thd
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cases, only temporary, and ends when the patient goes home
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the various fermented milks form a part of the daily diet, and where
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traumatized patients limit the use of the KTT especially