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hension, except diminished or suppressed menstruation, — spits

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He was also the out-door physician, visiting patients unable to come

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cause unphysiological, and contrary to the cumulative experience

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dimensions of the conglomeration are a little less than the

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branches of medical science, but has devoted himself mainly, and

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\Reprinted from the "Popular Science Monthly'''' for December, 1884.]

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to be evanescent. It will, however, do much to hasten the absorption of in-

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endorsed it, and afterward taught the germ theory. Indeed,

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tlers, the progenitor of the Copeland family having been Lawrence

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always clean and regular, having dimensions below or

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after a while ; jalapa where the stools are watery, profuse, and

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etc., London, England, later becoming resident medical officer at that

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treatment of acute articular rheumatism, — protection of the

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Soon after the battle of Gettysburg, he was assigned to the charge of

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soft parts are most often not in connection with the bony

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as far as health or sickness, and the return from sickness to

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applied himself to the development of true Orthopaedic methods, and

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given has produced recovery ? How difficult it is, in dangerous

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Changes in Shape of Bullets that have struck Bones.

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tion. An impression seems to prevail, that, if it will do no good,

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known opinions here ; but, touching upon the suggestive words

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fits of coughing went on for hours with extraordinary intensity.

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In this category of traumatisms the old treatment seems

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thought not, but, upon recalling the fact, told me that on July 4

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stooping ; tongue dry, or coated with a slimy fur ; loss of appe-

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The first reference to what we now term diphtheria is found

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matters little, the physician in either case absorbs ii

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ship in all of the before-mentioned societies, also belongs to the follow-

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