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quently upon the number of the nerve endings which come in contact
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ring, and below this there is no membrane or scales. Re-
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becomes congested, and on the left side the blood-pressure is
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prostration sufficiently well marked to compel most patients to take to
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may be explained by the fact that more cases survive to relapse. If
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cal attendant, who is too prone to yield to existing prejudices, and thus
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alloxuric bodies are formed, and uric acid, the most highly
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^■'1S'^s:ron^-Int:;:r:^ iS: Js -t cases are developed in the
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In other instances the diphtheritic infiltration involves all the layers of
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and pleuritis when applied instead of poultices; in typhlitis, pneu-
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the latter obtains a valuable guide for future conduct. If the washings
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(because the blood has not been exposed to the heat-lowering influence
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holocaust of infants at Blockley. I am sorry to say Lincoln
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tions, and if the elevation is prolonged without remission sooner or
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(b) The meat of a tuberculous animal may rarely be infectious, but
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published in 1739, though it is known to have prevailed in Europe and