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Cantharisy as an internal remedy, is of much value in the low torpid
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The Eyes. — Inflammation of the cornea is one of the best recognised
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Hysteria may simulate tetany very closely. If a study of the ante-
face of the body. The tumefaction, pain, heat, and itching, on the
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may convey disease. Oysters and mussels which have been placed in water
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and feet, with excessive tenderness of the muscles of the legs, followed by
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Opportunities will be oflfered for the observation of diseaeesand their taeatment in twoDi/tpa mttM .
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The Liver maybe enlarged and pale or hypersemic, the liver -cells may be
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duced by the presence of this irritating foreign body in so sensitive a
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able acrid and burning taste, which remains long afterwards. It is ex-
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is alkaline and contains carbohydrates. Choquet has recently shown that
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some cases of ainenorrhoea and dysmenorrhcsa may have a saUita*
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ing their natural mucus, and irritating their nervous lining, upon which
alavert loratadine 10 mg
due for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Subscribers who are indebted
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lution. Intelligence enough to answer simple questions respecting his
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