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elsewhere,' in a certain proportion of women these bod-
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■' Mosny : LaSeiiialneMedicale No. 7, 1890, quote^l In Cent, fiir Bakt.
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The eyeball itself, or its 'muscles, have ho direct connexion with
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Fig. 107 is a tracing taken from a girl ten years old who had a severe
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tables. As soon as possible the protruding bone is re-
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licus is nearly at the middle of its body. Gradually all the parts
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societies and several thousand people. A parade of all
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wincing. But even where his sensibility to touch, to pin prick, and
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nature, and their being placed at a distance from the human
ease is not treated the animal becomes thin in flesh,
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the whole he was greatly benefited, took more interest
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Oil of Almonds, (Oleum Amygdalce) — This is a good
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the alimentary canal, receive their nervous supplies from the
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taking place every twenty -four hoiu's. Tlie mental state may remain
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in typhoid fever. Phila. M. J., 1900, v, 528. — Coiiti
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the emunctories. To perform this work of increased growth, an
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are informed that nearly every room in New York City
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A good many patches of fat necrosis were seen in the
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by Dr. H. M. Lash, of Indianapolis ; The Removal of Persist-
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they were written, the facts of the science, and the decisions upon the interest-
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therapeutic measures. ^Massive splenic enlargement causes pressure symp-
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of " strongyles," which appear as small bladders throughout the
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one proportionately less. Among these 200 observations the carbon dioxid
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touched with a stick of lunar caustic. The nitrate of silver was
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aperture in the sac caused by the introduction of the
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— ^that is, the removal of about three-quarters of the sternocleido-
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months later she was again pregnant, giving birth to a second
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they have never been collected into a single article. Mr. Salter
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has a most perfect character of its own. This volume
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ventive measures. He especially recommended the climates
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diseased with the mange, and being desirous to cure him, he
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Buckley SL, Sponseller PD, Magid D: The acetabulum in congenital
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left humerus was fractured in the middle of its shaft. There was a green-
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southern counties of England, together with several of the
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not be altogether discouraging for operative relief, as I hope to show
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have in the treatment of fever ; I will leave that for other
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demonology and witchcraft forms an instructive chap-