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the spread of tuberculosis and to prevent its importation from foreign

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splenectomy. Furthermore, the percentage of sugar in the blood was

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held for more than twenty-four hours after condemnation, there shall be- provided a

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L. Dwyer, Kansas City (1950); Arthur W. Neilson, St. Louis

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cells when they are removed from their normal habitat to an oxygen-

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on the killing fioor of the hog house of this abattoir, being especially fine at the point

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and suggested application for both the normai and special feeding cases.

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whether the institution requires the signature of the nearest relative,

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dog has virtues enough to hold his place in our esteem in spite of the

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number of inspections and factories, fiscal year 1905-0 61

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details of work for eradication of cattle tick, 1906 106

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preparation was 8, showing the usual protective value of pure egg

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Both lower legs are arched forward (saber shins), but the surfaces of

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For the time being, the program will be placed in opera-

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the key of which is kept by a Government employee, and which is

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14. Stokes, J. H.; Boerner, F.; Hitchens, A. P„ and Nemser,

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Finally, in breeding stock the farmer should look for uniformity.

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on antivivisection and that Mr. O’Brien find out what

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It is of interest to notice the variation between the price of hind

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32. Cox, C. B., and Durant, M. J.: M. J. Australia 1: 320,

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(8) to aid the veterinarians program of eradication of tuberculosis among

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of a herd of 25 to 30 cows. A is the ice box ; B^ butter 'worker ; C^

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bite each other, frequently in play without viciousness, and rabies

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absence of colloid, and tremendous fibrosis without acute cellular reaction, are

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are extensively diseased, a similar aeenmulation of urea oeeurs in the

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afternoon by one of us, he was in bed, rational, and did not complain