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dryness is opposed to growth, and the avoidance of local irritations, as
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Harley, Dr. G., Jaundice, rev., 621 ; action of Calabar
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hospital. In the others, except for indefi- ^osed as paresis, this diagnosis being aban-
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of the virus, viz., the cerebrum, bulb, and cerebellum, the frontal and
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was thence uninterrupted. My patient's jaw, which had
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the land and the ocean — in short, all the conveniences, luxuries and
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but the best of them have something to learn from our doc-
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while on the other hand, where the amount of albumin is the same, there
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dominal viscera, and uncertain in controlling hemor-
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compress the nerves passing through them, a condition which may be
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Jersey Medical Society. Edited by Joseph Parrish, M.D. Burlington, Jan.,
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Richardson, M. D., Assistant Professor of Obstetrics ; F.
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Analogous to gastric crises, and sometimes associated with them, are
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mice in measured fractional quantities of 24-hour blood-agar slant
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alkalinity of the urine, since these supply available alkaline ions.
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to bi-sulphate of potash, and a new^ salt, called the meta-sidph-
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here as it appears in the American Journal of Pharmacy (Vol.
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unmarried woman where acute salpingitis is suspected, although
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appear at the first glance. The ipecac is commonly admin-
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fear of bad results from such treatment. Some surgeons
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Even in cases of unilateral lesion of the superior temporal convolution,
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potash, always gave out a warm aura. Similar results
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scientific accuracy by physicians ; and yet the symptoms of dis-
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intercourse, shall be deemed to be printed or written mat-
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any view to its general inflammatory character ; it
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Our portrait of Cheselden gives us an admirable idea of the man
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chanter, exposing the latter. "To my great astonishment,"
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value of venesection in some cases of melancholia with
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Huguonin says that at Zurich inflammation of the cerebral membranes
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