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By George William Balfour, M. D. (St. And.), LL. D.

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sible to gain much from mere general statistics. What we want to know in

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adhesions around the cscum as not being due to rupture

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directly with the Irish Government in Dublin, and to

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father's house 2 miles distant; on 15th day was able to get out of

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absorbing cortex due to calcareous deposits, and revealed the

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uterine operation, lasts much longer than is generally supposed, — an

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are praised ; but the remedy is too hazardous. Dr. Darwell says

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ed by bile. The symptoms did not seem at all alarming. Not aware

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Art. II. — On Cardiac 3Iurmurs. By Austin Flint, M.D., Prof, of

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then being resorted to in order to control these and exhibit

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saving two lives in place of risking one or both, and is

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Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas

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tions of emetine did not reach, due to the fact that these

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ages being between 18 and 23. The mother died of the disease shortly

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has been entered, the mucous surfaces adjusted, and the walls

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at the acme of the fever, or dturing the subsidence of the rash, or even on

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fortunately for the sufferer, no consciousness or memory of pain

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The recorded post-mortem examinations are as yet too few and imperfect to

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tivity is, therefore, reflected, and the reflection of heat