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(melsena) from a jejunal ulcer four years ago (J. J. Conybeare).

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men. Children, whether male or female, when crowded in ill-ven-

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chexia, alcoholism, nephritis. Wherever vomiting is sev-

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selves, because, they claimed, other things besides the bac-

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Acute Bright's disease gets well or kills within a few

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component of the red corpuscle. It is in this way that

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. Milk, though often used with impunity, conveyed the disease when

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at the Jetierson Medical College Hospital, April ti, 1892. By

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Med. mod.. Par., 1895, vi, 689.— i'an Dnysc. Peux i-na

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are also interesting as having occurred in two individuals

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very dark sclerotics. At the recent meeting of the Der-

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this time not susceptible to the action of galvanic or

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only two had withdrawn because of side effects at the time

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due to a progressive inflammation of the brain, coupled with

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length, whose ends turn freely in sockets. The two sockets are clamped to

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town [in 1. n.]. Address [etc.). 8°. Cambridge, 187:).

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diluted three times a day) has seemed to have excellent effects in

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tions of NaunjTi and his pupils. And it has become more and more

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society that tyrannizes the individual ; it is the individual that endangers

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salvarsanized serum. The first treatment reduced the cell count from 166 to

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condition a small amount of inflammatory exudation, for

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culous cystitis with almost certainly a similar affection of

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well developed than in the niitlgut. It consists of an open meshwork

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tute the active factor in being overcome for a time by a " cold."

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have ensued. By the operation the patient was relieved

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The assistants of the teaching professors having this

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This section was the agricultural center of the country, and con-

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shaped. A spindle-shaped pledget, an inch to an inch and a half in

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fluid obtained by exploratory puncture. But a positive diagnosis of

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At Lyons, of animals accidentally bitten or inoculated, the propor-

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eruptions of the scrofulides are only erythematous at first.

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indiscreetly and in excess. And of their mode of action we

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marres and Jacobson. What we know to be original is

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thoracic walls. — "• On the Diagnosis of Disease of the Heart," b}' Gp:o. W.

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Whether the latter mentioned factor results from some action of malaria

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and is furnished with a stop-cock. The second part of the instru-

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the land breezes, on high altitudes, or in situations exempt