Pediatric Biaxin

ploda, umershavo v 7-om inlesyatse beremenncisti. [Re-

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exacting, and painstaking teacher of medicine could be

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ness. The dressings being completed, he was removed to bed.

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gummas, etc., in other words, in diseases alike only in that they destroy

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collection of 88 cases : of these 80 occurred in men and only 8 in women,

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Surgeons and physicians, especially perhaps the former, have had

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and have only rarely been rewarded with data of any special value.

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by means of a bandage. Tlie cloths are to be changed twice in the

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the two sides. There is sometimes even rigidity on one

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chronic cases the nasal septum and turbinated bones become in-

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greenish yellow purulent exudate. The walls are made up of thickened con-

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megrim belongs to this class. Although a " sick headache " has for ages

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receive a nice fat anniversary number of his fiivorite journal,

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may occur incidentally, or it may be necessary to educate the child

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all of the patients showed gradual improvement under vaccine, but it

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Dr. Palmer, a Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine in

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to syncope. These alterations will take place sometimes from

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atrophy, but, unfortunately, the post-mortem examination was very

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which may be as varied as are those of the connective tissues. The shape

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geon to the men especially fit. If such authority does exist, we sin-

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forming a radical operation, the area of infiltration is

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foot piece is passed. Thus four strips are attached to the foot

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metastasis of the nervous energy from the body of the uterus

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an old one in the service of Professor Fournier. An

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viz : rubor, calor, tumor et dolor to which has been added the Junctio Iczsa

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may be misleading. Grossly polluted waters containing many colon

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The major advertised claim for substitution is reduced

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underlings, physical dwarfs, and ultimate death. — W, B, Fitch,

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ceptive. In cases in which the x-ray had indicated the

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Dr. G. A. Stevenson, physician, surgeon, and specialist in diseases of the

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expostulate, with the statement that they have never

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to devise the method for detecting poison in the tissues, was

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phur between inorganic sulphates, ethereal sulphates and neutral sul-

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- On February 20th I washed out the stomach and filled it with ten ounces of water, removed

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ture of Skull — Loss of Brain Substance. A. M. Chittenden.

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The limbs are short because the bones are bent. In rickets the bends are

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School, that the contraction of the wall of the bladder

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fingers. Strychnine first, and this should be administered in heroic

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the direct experiments which I have made on this subject serve rather to

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6. By this method, the sawed surfaces of the hones can be easily

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perforation has taken place, we often find a pus-producing