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origin, in consequence of the pain, or are merely a part of the whole attack

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meningitis, spondylitis of the lower cervical vertebrae, meningeal tumors, etc.

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Mermell, Lester, a, w, sp, Middletown, N.Y. S.B. '36.

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cumstances of the psychical disturbance often influence the localization of

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picture of spastic spinal paralysis : motor paresis, hypertonicity of the muscles

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As has already been said, the motility of the right arm in every other re-

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the courses relative to the matters comprised in the examination to

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neuritis"). In severe, and especially in acute, cases the parenchymatous and

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bilitating effect of these mineral springs ; to avoid which, it would be well to

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branches of the mandibular nerve (inferior alveolar and mental nerves). The

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lightning. There are frequently short temporary remissions of the pain. The

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occur. Tumors which involve the temporal lobes cause soul deafness or

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Louis XIY. in France; History and Geography — outlines of both

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professional pupil; and shonld any snoh candidate present himself and gain

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ops, either as a complete or as the so-called middle form of reaction (vide

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tubules and also in the epithelial cells and the interstitial tissue. In the con-

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obstetric operations and manipulations, induced termination of pregnancy. Forceps,

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and hematuria. Distinct scorbutic lesions show themselves in those portions

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of the joint, and which we are therefore justified in regarding as nervous t

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thenia and paranoia. The paranoiac, in the early stages of his career, may

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how to perform certain complicated and difficult movements (so-called manual

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sutures are loosened. Another result of the general intracranial tension,

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College, Toronto — McGill College and University, Montreal — University

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scribed in detail in a previous chapter. A tubercular spinal meningitis is also

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ca's convolution"). This law has since been confirmed by numerous autop-

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He was thus in a position to frame a theory consistent with all the clinical

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