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4. Albuminuria Referable to an Impeded Outflow of Urine. Clinic-
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hemorrhage and cerebrospinal fluid; it is not so much a question of
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was overlaid by a thin sheet of coarse bundles of striped mus-
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excoriations necessarily result, which afford a condition espe-
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H.G., " Hospital Graduate," if adopted, would represent
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of a transverse band intended to be spread around the foetal
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the cord must consequently be much shorter from this circumstance,
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Henry C. Martin, M.D., University of Louisville, Ky., 1882,
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Journal,' Xovember 14th, 1885), and one by Dr Quinlan, ibid., August
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stalks, except that this was blacker. The foetor and repeated
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the signs of general disturbance gradually, sometimes rapidly,
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Chicago, May 14. Dr. and Mrs. Gross sailed for Europe, where
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pioneers in the care of her own afflicted ones. The essentials are
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benefited by the operation of extirpation. Colotomy
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found the prophylactic treatment unsatisfactory, because the patients
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duodenal ulcers comprised two varieties: perforative
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and the stillness of death ensues. The molecular debris, thus
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England this system found no important followers, but in
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in cases of special contraindications, the parturient may rather
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doubled ; so that, whereas the lectures at first were
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meeting. A great many specimens have been promised,
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Frith Street, Soho-square, No. 54, was the house at which Mr. Snow,
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O'Reilly, surgeon, to report for duty as attending surgeon in
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to the mill. If grain, then, is used in iis loo recent state, we suppose that,
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the position of the " mam en griffe," but the flexioh of
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1800 sq. ft., supplemental rental income from three dental
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method alone, and the favorable view I then held regarding
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painful muscular contractions, and the veins are congested. The
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curate work in the study of the pulse. lie was tlie
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matter so prejudicial to his domestic relations and men-
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Svkes, John, M.R.C.S.E., at 73, Wicker, Sheffield, on August 3, aged 46.