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names or co-partnership names. The purpose of this is to avoid re-

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broader definition of inflammation. If Cohnheim is right

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source of profit to the Council and indirectly to the profession. I think the same parties

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three cases in 23 there was no cardiac complication when this treatment

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rheumatism has any strong natural tendency to inflame the

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Calcarea, Kali'Carb. These remedies are invaluable in very obsti-

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to pause before they commit themselves to the appointment

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I am indebted to Dr. Carlucci for the translation of the Italian - articles. I

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infantum, ceases not till it reach the lower extremities. It is

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thoroughly, is responsible for mast cases of secretion

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the cause of lier death. A brother and sister liavc disease of

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teresting paper, in which he observes that Switzerland fur-

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years of age, suffering with advanced heart failure, with a regular,

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tso grain of sulphate of atropine was injected into his arm. The atro-

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from the Governor. Only fancy a Medical man practising in

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stage, and continue to be a useful member of society.

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most simple procedure, and accordingly the common femoral

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sult of impaired digestion, ingestion of certain foods and imperfect

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cibly illustrates the singular influence which they were disposed

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and perhaps of little real importance, since we have no evi-

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to suit the needs of every-day workers who use the " Practice of Pharmacy" as a hand-l>ook.

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Secondly, the fact that the emanation can cover and affect

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The tables slope toward the pillars to which they are fastened and

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Gerhardt, D. : Klinische und anatomische Beitrage iiber Adams-Stokes'sche

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direction of the extension of the tonsillar mass that may prove mischiev-

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Isaac Rand, sen. in 1787, Samuel Danforth in 1790, Samuel

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talis. It theoretically does not act, but practically it does.

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necessary, and injections are occasionally required. When the abdominal mus-

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Idiocyncrasy or Soks Othsr Rsason. — We meet with many cases in

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disregard the cause and the tentative surgical diagnosis, we

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growing there. In regard to the excretion of organ-

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the first case the distance between the two points will determine the

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by firmness and conciliation to obtain the remedies that

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have been rubbed, for its corouoid process is intact.

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of uterine replacements, and especially Dr. Campbell's

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Johnson, Major Richard W., surgeon, leave granted July 25, is

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generally suggests that the lesion is corticaL Where tte

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Pulse 84, temperature 103°. 6 p. m. : Pulse 80, tempera-

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seemed against them, matters began to mend. The number

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this age ; secondly, because the lymphatic tissue is more active in this