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ROLLESTON, Humphry Davy, MA., M.D.Cainb., appointed Assistant Phy-

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vertical plane an angle of 45°, and that they must therefore

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to account for the invasion of the pleura by tubercle bacilli more com-

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That condition is one of rapid congestion of the aflFected limg, causing

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mit them to be vaccinated. All six children were, later, in-

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75 a day, I have gone into my wards at the Roosevelt Hospital to

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From the preceding results it can readily be inferred that the treat-

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culosis, because the same results follow if the adrenals are invaded by

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obtaining patents for proprietary remedies should be haci

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the serious attack which is now being made from so many

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rooms for examination purposes to their premises. The

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ill a cataleptic state ; her limbs would remain in any nositiori

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reference to the curriculum and examinations in dentistry of

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placed in such a position of inward rotation as would exist

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Morbid Anatomy. — In tabes the commonest, most obvious ana-

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In a few instances there has been pressure on the cervical sympathetic

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is good, and they are best treated by painting the course of the affected

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less of the heart burnings among candidates which are so common an

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III Try ^2 ::*:re^ i^au iivi ^-^tisr x "Jfos presesir m lo. AT»ygig whom it

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*zi»'/:«fid parts of the Kxh Kwnte blue. The bowels are frequently

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Pharmacopeia of 1890 should be prescribed in full doses, namely, lo

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The skin should be rubbed on retiring with a lime-water liniment

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tion of Dr. Charles Parsons, of Dover, as President. The

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iridectomy, reserving it for special cases. Of 465 operations,

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The necessary adjuncts to stopping bleeding from this part

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, the two) caused complete anjesthesia of the cornea in two!

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rectum. In health, the best time to have a natural evacuation of the

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nes^ persisted for from four to ten weeks, with ultimate <'om-

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resort. As compared with Davos, its average temperature

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plate cultures and counting tlie colonies, were carried out as in the pre-

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smnmer and autumn months, but in the tropics it prevails the year

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show that the whole spinal cord becomes involved, the consequent

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possible that some of the ethyl nitrite which is set free

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Mrs. C, aged thirty-five years, came in Jime, 1899, for early morn-

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his appointment on the India Office Medical Board. This

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escape, and various deformities of the spine may thus occur.

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forget that the esophagus may be pressed upon by an aneurysm.

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Peterborough on May 26th, under the presidency of Dr.

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diplococcus of Frankel, the bacillus o£ fowl cholera, and that g£ gijtlirfts

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Now, as we have said, these two affections differ altogether in their

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does not prove to my mind that cleanliness can save a person from

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aged 77 ; Dr. Settimio Basevi, formerly in practice in Vienna

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I" BaiTiSH Medical JocuN.\L, I8'.«i, vol. i, p 662.

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itis." As I have already stated. Dr. Martin was simply

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upon private practice. The matter seems to have been brought to a vc