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of cattle infected with pleuropneumonia. Leslie's description had im-
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not infrequently the optic radiation of Gratiolet is also affected,
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protruded, but dry and furred, and his intellect restored. It was found
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straight, and not allowed to deviate to one side as the
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ultimate, more or less extensive, caries of the spongy bone
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operative treatment of any condition found. When that condition is an ulcera-
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days had passed, durin<r which pain and suffering
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always owe to Koller a debt of gratitude. In the year 1855 Gadecke
to remain for an hour. Afler the bath, the diseased spots are to be
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and patient process, in which an instrument is first introduced which will
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The fact that thirty-four of the eighty-one druggists gave
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1. Acute articular rheumatism, a disease most probably due to microbes ; it is the
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ment and ultimate power of the muscles operated on, oppose
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this instance ; his patients had remained with him, yet
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•in the week, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in his surgei'y, and frequently also
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loai of flesh Mid sbcngth, iridt gogfro-inleglitia! dlaturbance (ftdness in the
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Case III. — A lady, who for many jears had enjoyed good health,
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