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trolled by it, while in the membranous of membrane, and by topical applications
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firmed the statements of Simon, Kedtenbacher, Beale, and others,
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diminished in frequency by the operation, and the general con-
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dyes when they are made feebl}' alkaline. It is decolorized
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white, and the white man less susceptible semination of the disease. Certain indus-
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rators. Experiments show the possibility of infection by
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With the progressive notions of the ^^"^ ^'/'^ ^^^ various interests of the So-
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ence of the larvre of Anchylostoma duode- followed by pustules exactly resembling
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An early reply to this circular will enable the Committee to arrange the
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Another instance of acute disease in which profound ex-
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same institution, being under the same hygienic and dietary
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becomes distended and the peritoneal coat, tained a most interesting specimen, illus-
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Schneider and Buffard, Nocard and others found the try-
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rosis and in obstinate forms of bronchial asthma. May also be used as a good table water. So
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" cold perspiration." Death ensued in the fatal case in two and
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yellow fever cases — fifteen of whom had black vomit. Of the en-
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for the performance of certain minor operations of surgery.
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tion as is occasionally observed after inoculation with certain
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Street, the first Tuesday of every month, from 12 to 4 P.M.
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at a temperature of 30 to 38° C. It is aerobic and facultative anaerobic.
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work of producing muscular force. As for the bulk of the urea
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swelling and fatty degeneration of its fibers. The lymph
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majority of cases of cirrhosis of the liver and of granular
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8. That the distinctness of valvular murmur cannot be taken as
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so-called etherization pneumonias are essen- operations on the gastrio-intestinal tract,
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tonic laxative of the world, and that is to write Kas.a.GRA on your pre-
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experimentally produced it is ordinarily a septicaemia. This
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with which the pulmonary circulation is carried on, but also to
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blanched and wholly insensitive to pain, re- fluid under the skin generally. Due regard
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larger and to all appearances older nodules are found in the
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does not irritate or debilitate the organs on which it acts, and,
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organs may contain lesions which microscopically resemble
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any combination of circumstances or particular eligibility, contri-
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testine, the mucosa of which, it is stated, need not necessarily
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their etiology- the}- are now believed to be identical. Recently
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tongue, and breath, and slow feeble respiration, in congestive cases ;
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In the cephalic lobe, two small areas of consolidation ; principal lobe
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In finishing our brief notice of this very interesting and
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TheTechnicof Abdominal Amory Hare, M. D 119 The Essentials of Modern
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often so regulated as to be what we may call self- limited ; that
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§ 150, Tetanus antitoxin. It was first pointed out by
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true. While statistics of cures and failures must cause symptoms in order to indicate
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suture around the opening made by the in- gd cyanosis. After this, however, there
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bones and the nasal processes of the supe- detail that was desirable auring the progress
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jections on this score.^ Indeed I cannot do better than quote from