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the mouth will remove the venom mechanically. But the injection of
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which in its inner third, adjoining the drum-head, is so inti-
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raised from the table. Imnudiate relief wa« affoided,
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giving a mixture of bromide either of potassium, sodium, or ammonium
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From these considerations, we may conclude that the cotton-wool
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results. In each the lycetol was given during an exacerbation. In
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for some hours; decant and mi.t the solution with —
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•operation, as the shock of excision of the knee must of neces-
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and of the others, those only died which had presented very severe
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stance which is capable of breaking up the red corpuscles so that the rab-
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progressive character already mentioned, but emaciation and weakness
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grees of displacements of the uterus. The precise seat
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in the hospital, and who had been worn down to a skeleton by the
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Hospital in Worcester, Mass. you made a natural mistake, which a
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and antiphlogistic* 1 Experience teaches him otherwise, and in the
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r of the cord, or of both, and the symptoms then will be those
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is truly malignant. Cases of this description arc liable to occur in cer-
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their offspring to the sole keeping of another, and which, if the
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throat, and the dose was not repeated. Nitroglycerine was given to
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Sometimes physicians were not paid regular salaries but were paid for each
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bellows sound." This accords with Forget's 3d proposition.
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tions in water, glycerin, oils or alcohol, are sometimes
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The typographical execution of the work is superexcellent
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and by violet light or in the dark. Methylene blue, however, has
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right kidney oftener than the left is movable ; it occurs in females oftener
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"Obviously, this powder would be unsuitable for introduction
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as it parts with its contents, the uneasiness diminishes, till at
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cures diseases and saves lives. And no man ever had it, who
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mental shock, various nervous phenomena are noticed preceding the
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away portions of the torn parenchyma ; the exterior eur
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The importance and fatality of abscess of the liver is so
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or located near the pylorus, and especially if it is producing any
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normal spleens; rarely, there was also distinct hypertrophy of the whole spleen.
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tion, whether recovery will be likely to take place
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the Bacteriological Department of the University Med-
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repeated experiments had proved its worth. Flushings were
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abroad, confer a favor not to be forgotten by those who are to be so essen-
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This is the sum and substance of the medical jokes of