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the nineteenth century had closed the transmutation

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From the Def artmcnt oj Comf aiatk e Pathology George Fabyan Foundation Harvard

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protected to a large extent by sprinldios with a strong

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the operation. It saves time because we shall not have to

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out the slightest opposition on her part and the moment she was

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general progressive paralysis terminal dementia epileptic dementia

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trace of sebaceous glands or hair follicles are found

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innocent sufferers and the most fertile means of its

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with expression absolutely inhibited from excitement. Expression thought

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appropriate place in Dr. Cullen s system. If these diseases or

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nately and after a time the animal gets so tired of the

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symptoms of the malady. I believe the same mode of progres

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which may exist at the termination of the common bile and pancreati.

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pectoration less abundant and of a serous character. Capillary bron

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than we occasionally observe in patients when removed from

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what was originally a closely fitting jacket will become

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treatment fails in the arteritic or endarteritic form of syphilis

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ment. We may well combine tbis inquiry with some of the modem

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has the sonorous and magnificent Tagliaferro become

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ond one seventh and the third one third. In each case

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following represents the composition of the escadron viz.

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ill and unable to attend the Denver meeting. Since there

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from the State. All cattle coming into the country must also be

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were obtained for Fratscher found it possible to heat

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great difference as to the results of treatment whether

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as it prevents contraction and meantime the animal acquires the

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to those of the reproductive cells in support of his tirgument.

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our method we secured curves of the systolic pressure which were so nearly

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always felt more or less bilious his stomach was very


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year. There has been no decrease in the mortality in these insti

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In dogs the patient becomes very stiff refuses to move

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about for months and years resting on one foot only and

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terior superior spinous process of the ileum and the spine

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the man who attaches his name to a discovery usually deserves it. If

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paper. Dr. Hopkins gave a very thorough review of the

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regard to this the orthopaedic surgeons have done much to aid these patients.

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which case the optic lobes are generally only partially

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entirely due to an accumulation of blood pigment in the meshes

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tions an inoculation may take place where the virus does