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Fig. 7. Intestinal Obstruction clue to Meckel's Diverticulum.
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mucous membrane that we see in the fauces in similar cases. Where
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acute forms there are : 1. Acute superficial or erythematous tonsillitis;
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and to put into practice its precepts, but unless guided by dis-
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It seems highly probable, therefore, that this is the type of fracture
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"Acute Osteomyelitis," and under " Necrosis of Epiphyses and of Artic-
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Fehling {Centralblatt fiir Oynahologie, October 26, 1889) does not approve
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two whiffs of chloroform may be sufficient to produce complete insensibility,
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extracted by the feet, the uterus firmly grasped, and the foetal appendages
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of the tympanic cavity having its outlet through the perforation in the flaccid
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used morphine to excess for 32 years. She was a straight mor-
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which calls for Dakin's solution. None of the cases which we have had
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of the population of large cities. That it is an infectious, parasitic disease,
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8. Duncan, J. Sitzungsbericht der K. Acad. Wissensch WicD, Bd. Iv.
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Compulsory Health Insurance from any point of view except to
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scription of agoraphobia. In 1878 Legrand du Saulle treated the subject
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ring, is suggested by Lauenstein. He uses not only the hernial sac but also
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whooping-cough within four days, and in three others within a week. Finally,
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during which the objective symptoms consisted in a little redness in the
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my critic as applied to me there is not much more to be said,
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turous cruise to Tyre or Alexandria or Massilia. To them the Bosphorus,
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the stomach\s contents or its capacity. There is the vomiting oF
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the first head, and rheumatism, with heart disease, apoplexy, fright,
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It must also be appreciated that medical men belong to a
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THE world is in a state of revolution, in which the conflict is be-
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absorption of such effects of the disease as exudates and new-formed cells.
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numerous attacks of varying severity of acute and subacute vulvitis.
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place of business, that the rooms were very small and stuffy, and that
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To take up the undernourished proper, in 19 cases out of 20,
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and will study with interest the methods used to accommodate
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as ignorance. In this day of strange measures and remarkable
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urethral lesions to excite sufficient constitutional reaction to the gono-
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above heading, first refers to the subject of leukaemia cutis as portrayed by
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sterilized water, this objectionable mucus is at once destroyed by
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bladder could be found, even its duct being reduced to an impermeable cord.
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irregular intervals during convalescence. It is entirely dissimilar from
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3. Simple distention of Graafian vesicles. The first mode of formation is by