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the greater prevalence and constant presence of diph-

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fatal Puerperal Fever was so very much more prevalent than in the

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opening ot an artery; (<■) needle test (Cloquet) ; </) tluorescine test; (g)

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ter of 1891-92. It embodies much statistical informa-

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fingers, paralysis, contractures, etc. ; but in some cases the headache remains

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ized to employ the services of a stenographer to report the

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patient takes his seat directly in front of the apparatus, which is raised so

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to about one inch above the umbilicus and to the side

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some swelling of the feet. Nine months ago he was ill for

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fact that they are p?rmitted to use the patients and material

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transfusion. The process of absorption is most active during the first two

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unaided, safely to keep up the effects of the choroform, and do

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tropical possessions, as the following tabular statement, furnished

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20th February. — Patient is in excellent health. He hag

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Enteric fever at thw West Lonilon District S<;hool. Lau-

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world, the Cardiotron has established the principle

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yearly, (»r even oftencr. Once having ended in suppuration, it seems

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rather fixed posteriorly with the inferior vena cava. Occasionally the

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acetic, and the fatty, the butyric fermentation. A small quantity of

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Medical Journal, P.O. Box 4106, Charleston, WV 25364.

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which has been greatly crippled for the want of funds and by lukewarm-

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Warnings: ceclor should be administered CAuriousiy to penicillin-

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freshly prepared alcoholic solution of guaiac resin (about }4 gram of guaiac resin is

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ditions sometimes overlap, and there is some evidence

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plate being now pushed forwards — in a manner I shall directly point

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of such lesions are at present most vexed and undeter-

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therapeutic emphasis today rests upon various psycho-

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From what I have related, the condition of this fine lad, the son of a clergy-

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Even when an epileptic fit is not ushered in by any symptoms beyond

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tion of bilirubin in the urine by means of the barium-strip

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triere, and Ramon de Luna 4.3 parts in the General Hospital at Madrid.

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In a word, the principle is the same as in the operation for anal fissure and

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this character, the various conditions of interior and exterior drainage

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Autopsy discloses so many varied conditions of the organ affected

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the existence of active untreated syphilis can in no instance be

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cient milk for one day's use is pasteurized, and it is never

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agony, which continued for four hours, and the catheter was

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could require more convincing proof of the good faith of the

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posterior cul-de-sac. At this spot the capsule when thickened from

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proper position during the application of the plaster. ']"he

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Godfrey, MD, interned at Providence in 1912-1913; and