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tif ilhi rougeole. Bull. clin. nat. oplit. de I'hosp. d. Quinze-

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on cloths. George H. Fox suggests the employment of chrysarobin

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Where matter has formed, it is to be evacuated by cautious pimctures.

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spongy portion of the urethra, behind which is the puckered

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extols cold applications over the part of the chest corresponding to the

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I can see of no other construction to be put upon such phenomena than that

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instances. Yet, even allowing that there be some lightish

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tioner has been unable to treat them intelligently. This work not only deals

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are^the maximum, which should never be exceeded. In chil-

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Tellow fever associated with remittent fever claims the employment of

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Case IV. — E. D. P., aged twenty-two years ; single ; sick

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sulphate in water. This is applied in facial cases on a mask consisting of from

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barracks, the civil population in the same towns escaping entirely. In

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the ulcers had been healed, and the swelling of the face had

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ounces. The sides of the blades enclosing the fenestra are

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full significance of the experiments cannot be ascertained until the

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tone, and the heart-action is decidedly better. The valerian

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masseters, and the muscles of deglutition and articu-

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contraction of the mitral orifice in consequence of the union, at their sides,

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therefore, if it is to be efficacious, must be prompt. Generally it is advis-

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and the best devised expedients of the other, shall have been

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shortly after the exposure, or it may be some days or

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committed. No motive for the imputed crime was discovered, and he had

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Fig. 1 shows side view. (Ij is a platinum wire loop

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tills unique and money-saving service. The savings begin t

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need not enter in o such a question. Then you may say. that

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scraping the base of any ulcers that had formed till they bled ; the parts

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ble that three of them can thus appear, but I am not aware of any

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tained by Gerdes, and he does not believe iu the bac-

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piai-mater, and of the substance of the brain and spinal cord.

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The sooner the subject of pulmonary tuberculosis realises that the incidence

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2 catgut sutures, doubled once or more, are passed through

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the source of lymph for the series of 80), it did excite sujipur-ation and ulceration

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the terms of the Association. It is a matter of history that Prof. Bodine

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The technical difficulties encountered in the preceding case were

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and thence irrigate the desert, or possibly, if need

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the Journal or sent to each component society at least two

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the details of crimes, criticism of officials, and the betrayal of State secrets.

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