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rality, the cause of religion, and also the pecuniary interests of society (if people are

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Siunmary.^ — A typical case of pyloric stenosis with visible

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part of his nurses in restraining him. He was first seen in con-

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symptoms — they are ignorant of the proper remedies, and not, therefore, to be

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while eating, and for a short time after, until digestion is over. Cheerfulness while

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renovate and invigorate the bl 1, Bhe is by no means past recovery. Thousands

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ease within. But he is deceived ; for the harlot is like the " sepulchre whited with-

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understanding ;" " drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of

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neck particularly, and of the person generally; but if this erect carriage .were' lost,

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venting much of the dust. Until this is the case, however, I shall warrant to pre-

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Sexual intercourse during the nursing months is often injurious to the mother,

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When he retired that night he was in excellent spirits. About

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those firom the south, hot and salutary in winter, are apt to be

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He gives it in the dose of from 20 to 60 and 75 centigrammes in a

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yentilated rooms for forty or more days^ during which time they

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coma is, we think, made clear. M. Bouchut has a most strik-

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human skill can offer no relief — they are beyond the reach of medicine. Still, no

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This ancient capital of Beam, of high historic interest, pecu*

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that the index of urea excretion gives much more information

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selves in all who indulge in these infractions. Therefore I would advise all my

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according to the relations which it holds to the uterine walls : —

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how cases of this kind, lasting sometimes from ten to twenty

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How useful to man is this sense I will not undertake to describe; those only can

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— Wilson. On Morbid Changes in the Optic Nerve. (Dublin

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In ear achi ig, ami often so violent as to almost make the person

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the healthy kidney, the epithelial cells are sometimes ^^ charged

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legislation^ which so often has a '^ may/' where we should expect

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may be termed its text. ^' It is a delusion/' says Spinoza, ^' on

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matter how small the quantity, operates injuriously upon the system, in proportion

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favorable in regard to a cure or a relief than those springing from other causes.

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the richness and beauty of her love, the angelic goodness of her heart, cannot be

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symptoms, and one in which the renal derangement is de-

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