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of Hethylene Blue. A. Ivanoff. — Methylene blue affects the
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external palpation and auscultation of the rotating cable
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the parietals, the nasal bones, the pterygoids, palatines, maxil-
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months. Fell down stairs; 2 months later loss of sensation and
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28 day a Complete motor and sensory parapl^la ; vesicorectal
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tem observations: Dislocation of 1st L. body backward. Cord
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sult that in 1894, 248 deaths occurred from mad dog
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The addition of fresh ripe fruit juices, orange juice especially,
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pression to prevent the transudation of serum or the
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coma, though other troubles may present themselves.
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ozemia and death. Ghlorofonn, if a^uninistered during
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should use vaginal douches, gradually increasing in heat to the
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P. A. Surgeon C. P. Wertenbaker, to represent the service at meet-
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ni" 'The Surgery of Gastric Ulcer. Edward W. Andrews.
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in which the teeth are more readily affected than any other
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signs usually prevent confusion. An unaccountable stomatitis,
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184 'Ovarian Cyst and Suppurating Hematocele. Salpingitis with
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E. Ii. Gilliam, XC.D., died recently at Lctart, W. Va., aged
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solid and much less soluble in water than nitroglycerin ;