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July 7-8— Case Studies in ECG Interpretation and Arrhythmia Man-
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recovery will begin in from two to three minutes, and will, I
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increased by pressure upon the cicatrix of the wound.
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Boos, William F., ISTewburgh, L. H., and Marks, H. K. : Use of digipuratum in
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pinger's observations. In one of my cases a cylindric epithelioma oc-
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demand laparotomy. He approved of primaiy perineor-
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are absent from the other towns. Dr, Laing [8] came to the conclusion
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to walk ; reflexes exaggerated, pain In back, chest and limbs :
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then be thi'own upon his knees, when, after struggling some
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his wife), is doubtless due to the author's ignorance, not only of
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less rapid deterioration when kept. Either the lymph or the scab
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firms the continuing occurrence of DF in Haiti and the
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attention the teachings of English pathologists and practi-
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the same time it became plain that, in spite of the presence of
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Dr. J. S. Cohen read a paper on Vocal Paralysis, with
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Ferrand '* states that he has obtained the best results from
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change has taken place in the habits of the men as to
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most part depends. In this connection the principal points requiring
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To cite only one instance, — that of the genus anemone, in-
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fessor RoSENSTEix read a paper upon this subject of which the following arc his
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"8X2" filtrates. The arrangement of filters, it may be added, was the same
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physiological acceptation — such as crying, breathing, pulsation, or motion —
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It appeared, too, that the attack commenced Av^ith a rigor, fol-
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grape seed, as a nucleus, upon which calcium and magnesium salts
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at the commencement of this article, it were desirable, if possible, that the
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T Hoffmann and Briining, Dent. mcd. Woch., 1907, xxxiii, 553.
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ing of the trunk made the arms appear much too long — they were deformed, slightly