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(Mr. Syme I must be recognised by all earnest investigators
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C. B. Taylor, M.D. On the Forcible Introspection of Women by
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bourne Hospital are reported to be from phthisis. A discussion on the
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symptoms very rapidly diminish and disappear. Resolution is gener-
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This distinguished obstetrician, who is now practising in Paris, shortly
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his day must have met with excellent results if his
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like disappearance of the vesicular murmur, or the existence of crepi-
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was rigid in a state of semiflexion, and the arm half flexed at the elbow.
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aortic semilunar valves, principally towards their free margins, you
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of this, which may be distinguished as the primary plane, others — se-
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successfully performed at my request by Mr. Wheelhouse. His attitude
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pressure and disease at the root of the lung as deprives it of nervous
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character, and wider distribution ; and yet with this impulse the systole
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Finally she refused to eat and died without definite
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papulation, vcsiculation, pustulation, and squamation. These stages
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fine vascular branchings. The swelling was uniform, fluctuating, and
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with that of other writers and so attempts to give a
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and two narrow sinuous openings, from which blood-stained pus escaped,
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113. A seven-year-old setter dog, left in hospital 15th October,
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sembles the effect induced by a poison which mixes with the blood, like
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The orbital cavity was cleared out and filled with gauze, and the
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sisted. The entire shoulder region was diffusely swollen and enlarged,
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developed during strangles. Among the complications of this disease
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have been gained. We know a little of the evils of contested
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edit. Francof. 1601, folio. Copied in Pettigrew, T. J., on superstitions
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_ 176. In June, 1887, Dr. Leon Petit described two cases of trans-
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