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tition. The stalls in these houses are rarely cleaned. Inheritance is supposed

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lepsy, tumor of the brain, meningitis, hydrocephalus,

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time between that city and Baltimore. One matter which

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ances with carbondioxide seems to be similar to the

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those efifects which, are stated to occur when it is

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metabolism. Taking all things into consideration, it

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Ebert, Rudolph G., Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps.

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absence of a precise etiology should therefore reserve the diagnosis of tetany

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on general principles, should be instituted, quinine

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use of a better asepsis and of the Meltzer and Auer

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one in which the infection is directly comnuiniL-able

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its very height. In that then small and half-depopulated town 385

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be done, I therefore did a hysterectomy. The patient

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credit to the artist, but not to the great pathologist.

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8. When the adhesions are extensive the best operation is coeliotomy with

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and up to the present writing ( eight days after confine-

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part of the septum is then removed with a few blows

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- The small intestine showed only congestion and a few small areas of

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upon the peristalsis of the stomach or of the small

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most remarkable. The general symptoms — vomiting, hiccough, delirium —

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White Plates, and Fourteen Charts. New York : Funk &

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the presence of pus is assured the sooner operation is done the better.

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derness, occasional discomfort in region of right kidney,

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nual session at .Alexandria on Thursday, .August 5th, and

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and shortness of breath. While under treatment she had improved,

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lar clinical symiDtoms during an extended period of

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and Prevention of Tuberculosis deplores the above named

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ing the openings free of caked material, then giving

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Bacterium coli and typhoid bacillus are the bacteria

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though he remembered that it was gray. On the 7th he

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