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This takes place often with astounding rapidity, in the early stages of the process,

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of the lesion, I wonder whether or not more delicate tests of

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analyzed, and to the space and weight desirable for the

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tor changes from one color to another. When, on the other hand,

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without the cell suffering, the cell being over-active, and forming fat from the material generally

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The disease is less common in the female sex, but when it occurs the

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tion some hemolysis occurs, the color of the solution

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full appreciation of them. It is advisable to do the preliminary

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pollen, cause hay-fever only when the patient comes into direct

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We have, then, a quite typical case of chorea running a sub-

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(3) Autopsy material. Perform the necropsy as soon as pos-

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two to four times greater in those attending school than in those remaining

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which they had already caused ; that similars and not identicals,

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(moss plants), and Thallophyta (simple vegetative structures not

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effect they produce in the body, according as the injection has taken

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(6) Photometric calculation. When a sample of the size pre-

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sometimes burst or slough ; most painful swelling of the hands and feet ;

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during surgical convalescence and how digitalis therapy controlled the heart

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and there is little prospect of seeing the tendency lessened now

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If the pH is too alkaline, make a second solution omitting the

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others, again, which last a longer or shorter time and give but

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or did his praying in his office I never knew. There can be no

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any of the three species and antisera prepared against

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to the 300 ml mark the screw clamp is tightened and

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patient from hospital. Patient to report to .r-Ray Department every two

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fluent cases, successive scales of epidermis form and peel off — a process

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grow as aerobes, in the body produce their lesions and diseases as

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understanding of which treatment must depend. Toxaemic conditions can only

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persistently and noisily, moves his arms restlessly and aimlessly,

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It is also excellent for the culturing of swabs because it avoids

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