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disease varies in the two sexes, extending from fifteen to thirty years

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The history of myxcedema is a short one, for it is little more than

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blood for its carbon dioxid content. Such an opportunity was offered

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to the mill villages as a whole. As a result of methods of administra-

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remained free from recurrence through 1913 (the tenth year), but

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nancy; the fluidextract to make a 1 to 1,000 solution was added at "3."

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more, with the progress of the hypertrophy, the circulation becomes

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ments, lest we pull up wheat with tares, and, waiting for more light

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sidered in any way inaccurate, and present herewith the results of the

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living in the country and no contact history could be obtained, but it is known

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subjects of Experiments 3 and 4, on whom fell the burden of the

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that different acid substances, especially the acid phosphates, are

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there was also distinct increase iu the amount of connective tissue

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usually systolic, but shows no accentuation of the sound of the pul-

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agreement of these figures, in addition to the trifling variations of the

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cholemia, choluria and jaundice of the skin and the varying disparity

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amount of apparent organization with but a few small abscesses.

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pellagra is due to a dietary deficiency, it is clear that some explanation

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but he had also marked discoloration over hands, feet and shoulders. Three

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domen becomes less prominent and any hernia which may be present

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consideration of the epidemiology of pellagra suggests that colored

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Francis: British Journal of Dermatology, 1898, Nob. 2 and 3.

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per cent, or more of cases. It is interesting that the brain and men-

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two cases as possibly blastomycosis. Campbell 10 speaks indefinitely of

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Recently Hammar 54 has insisted that the organ continues to grow up to

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Chemie pathologique, 1854; Untersuchungen iiber die Zusammensetzung des

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corn, 100 gm. ; grape nuts, 50 gm. ; potatoes (chips), 50 gm. ; coffee,

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circulation is possible. If the softening involves the motor path or

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twenty -four foot-tons in twenty -four hours (Houghton), the work of

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ing or shortly after removal of part of the enlarged thyroid gland,

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both groups and apply secondary modifying terms, even though both

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same conditions obtained as in the routine determinations. The results,

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the respiratory rate increased, the maximum rates averaging fifty-three