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Louis F. Howe, M.D., Carl Irick, M.D., M. H. Scheele,
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immobilizing power and clinical studies on occlusive action
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graduate activities. Through these photographs it is endeavoring to show some of the
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Ticks which may be suspected of being the Boophilus annulatus^
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A comparison of the clinical history with the anatomical findin^rs in
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have been done in no other way, as the crude oil was difficult to obtain
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Henske, St. Louis; Lawrence E. Wood, Kansas City; J. L.
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thoughts to the contemplation of concrete objects and their concrete
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the University Medical College of Kansas City, 1898;
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graphs or drawings are supplied by the author. Illus-
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after. It Is the custom, therefore, for the employee to unlock In the mornings all the
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Cancer Hospital, Columbia, for April and May, to which
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The Balance between Intake and Output of Purine Substances under
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'Dexin' has proved an excellent "first carbohydrate" because of its high
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uliii are situated the i-ells of the efTeetor neurons. The fibers of the saeral
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Commerford, James J Crystal City Gibson, Walter E.. Sr DeSoto Rutledge, John F Crystal City
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on for a brief explanation of the health program of that
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