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Other body in respect of Vetefinary Snrgery, and includes a license or auiiiority
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or Medical Diploma, the course of instruction usually extends over
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Broca's center, for motor images of articulation, at the foot of the left third
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and smnnter sessions together, £12 12s. The aniTna.1s used are charged
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the period of onset, because the disease begins very gradually, and therefore its
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we must pay special attention to avoid confusing them with affections of the
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1. Is not derived from animals in an abnormal physiological state.
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Fee tor the summer course, including hospital practice and lectures,
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motion, the squaring of the circle, the Baconian theory, and panaceas for all
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same examinations. It is the object of the Faculty to present a
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fit, but it is usually followed by the second stage of the attack — the convulsive
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a post or a wall. If such a patient, with a considerable degree of anteflexion
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dition is called echolalia. All these peculiar symptoms are combined in dif-
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Midwifery. — ^No qualification is required in this country for the
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following conditions, provided that their admission does not interfere
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amyotrophic lateral sclerosis break out into spasmodic laughter or weeping
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Complicated respiratory spasms, either in the form of spasmodically accel-
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after decussating goes to the red nucleus (nucleus ruber, Fig. 116, page 155),
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easy passage from a Latin prose author, and a simple passage of Eng«
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♦ t ^i-actose crystals are a<k!ed, and the product is agitated vi^re«s1y
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marked muscular contractions both from the nerves and from direct excite-
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side. On drawing down the lower lip the paralysis of the platysma myoides
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In order to utilize all these centripetal cerebellar stimuli for regulating
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course of his lectures are furnished with cases in rotation ; they are
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fiber begins, or, when the special nerve tissue is permanently destroyed, there
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equina still demand special mention. The conus terminalis is sometimes
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