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were injected in the lumbar portion of the spirial canal.

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Parker, E. G., Surgeon. Detached from the South Da-

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the $400 to $500 class seventy-five per cent, received

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Medica of Dioscorides. In that truly, and worthily,

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Wechselmann, W, Latest Personal Experiences with the

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Philippine Islands — Tarlac Aug. 7-Sept. 10 112 85

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Copyright. 1910, by A. R. Elliott Publishing Company.

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and it is a bad practice to dip milk from large cans

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rapid an infiltration of the lungs and transudation

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Medicine not grounded upon Philosophy is a weak thing)

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ordered to the Navy Recruiting Station, Omaha, Neb.

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Since nearly every aural trouble begins as an acute

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rior from every aesthetic point of view to the Euro-

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Case XXVI. (5) Male, set. twenty-two; primary, 1907;