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from its effects, while we in the mean time could procure the

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in the Medical Reserve Corps of the army from August 3, 1916, to

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Perforations of the scrotum give rise to a hcematic swelling,

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from the gold filling of teeth and bridge work among the Etruscans

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of the disease. The results have been, however, in many respects, contradic-

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lyn, was born May 5, 1855, at Catskill, New York. His father was

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inferior border of the pectoralis major ; periscapular col-

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of disease ; but, if the disease becomes destructive, the convo-

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He is a rapid operator— cautious, conscientious, and suc-

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removed when he was ten years old. After graduating from the

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day. Being Sunday, he resolved, notwithstanding his state, to

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some hours before the swelling and the general disturbance,

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indeed is generally regarded as the founder of the American Ortho-

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him the sair leg." The "reg'lar faculty" will, we have no doubt, appreciate the

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service in ministering to those stricken by the dread disease. He was

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hospital course, he began the practice of his profession as an assist-

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the lateral terminations of this incision were then joined by a

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etc. — in brief, a group of symptoms resembling tabes. The pupils have been

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was presented at a dinner given in his honor, by his early

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their first symptom. It is not at all exceptional for the lancinating pains of

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months after the birth of her child she began to be troubled

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Hospital, Huntington, Long Island ; and he has served the St. Francis '

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Pennsylvania, 1890, and the University of Prague, Vienna and in

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which every thing is now subjected, have led to a careful exami-

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flat, and have a lance point, and are perfectly straight for a dis-

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not shine with the lustre of the martial doings, a fact that

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