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4.— Lucid reports three cases of epiphyseal separation

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plenty of soft feed with boiled Linseed in it to keep the

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motor failure and treatment was devised with the idea

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the site of local infection, reaching the internal viscera and other struc-

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joined manipulation, or, if the corrected presentation does not remain per-

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communicating artery. Then they curve over the front edge of

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called broken backs, which are spoken of as causative of

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ing the large intestine, and frequently associated with ptosis of the

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9. Traumatization of Tissues with Retractors, etc. — It seems

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of money for the purpose of establishing the Harri-

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Dr. Jno. R. Wathen : I would like to ask the essayist to-

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has never had occasion to resort to such means, as he

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There are two indices — the usual one, and a therapeutical

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attacks is universally acknowledged. A person may suffer

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ance thus afforded, as the diverting of septic material

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rotating variety. In the disease I propose to illustrate

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Pacific. The money spent every year in the Christian world for tobacco

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Nasal Passages ; James T. Priestley, M. D., Clinical Sur-

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which for the last six months, has been also with the necessity of employing lint,

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and that the same power of removing any patient to any asylum

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New York ; Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine ; Member of the

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removal of a large enchondroma of the pelvis. The first

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simple pharyngitis, and not nearly so much so as the

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The gynecologist, with visceral drainage treatment,

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educate them. Not only this, but in their weakened condition

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and, indeed, with one or two notable exceptions, nearly every author

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a visit, some years ago, from a former student of mine with

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from one of Dr, Jenner's favorite cows on which he made his

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The President remarked that the question how to get the

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