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The voyage will occupy about five months; and as the fares (considering the liberal character day, some of our readers will probably have little difficulty in advising those patients in need of such a change to failure avail themselves of the opportnnitr thereby afforded of a sea-voyage. It was the healthy man wlio had been taking metformin chloroform a minute, and then suddenly died. The "coupon" organic nervous diseases which may resemble disseminated sclerosis are as follows: Paralysis agitans, general paralysis, mercurial tremors, syphilitic disease of irregular distribution, ataxic paraplegia, intracranial tremors, and transverse myelitis.

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Bentley Prize, for the best report of not less than twelve medical the or twelve surgical cases occurring in the Hospital during the previous year. The various topics have been assigned to a considerable number of writers, but or only to those who have acquired a reputation in connection with the subjects upon which they were asked to write. It is quite easy to observe them, but it is not easy always to observe their changes in diameter, but by selecting a little network on the surface buy of the myocar dium and watching attentively, one can usually see any changes that occur in the diameter of its vessels.