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with other suppurative inflammations (meningitis, endocarditis). The

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accurate and acute diagnostician. Skoda was the great leader

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This matter of intestinal toxaemia is a most interesting

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The contagious theory of tuberculosis gains support from the fact

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sign, namely, lymphangitis, has been found in a rather surpris-

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berg in September, 1889, six temperature charts, which graphically

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was turned on, and ice water was added, while the water was permitted to flow

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the June cold, the chief other forms being the autumnal ca-

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typical temperature-curve of typhoid, may present splenic enlargement

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the soldier; Sharon and Flood, each of whom had gathered

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to sanitary conditions, insufficient food, or mental disturbance, the re-

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students and the procuring of eqiiipment. Then another recom-

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from the tub. In ten minutes the temperature of the water was reduced to 80°.

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nant scarlatina, are very fatal. Complications arise that will most

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and more rarely of Avhite softening alone. The tuberculous infiltration

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headache, by retraction of the head, hyperesthesia, intolerance of sounds,

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be stated that the cardiac complications — endocarditis, pericarditis, and

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stimulate and tone them up; but there is usually a slight loss of weight

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on account of previous chronic diseases, correct alimentation is of para-

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takes is rejected, it is futile to continue to feed it or even give it water.

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tions, too, for their time, — and then compare them with ner-

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the pia at the vertex is more apt to be involved. The membrane sur-

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maimed lienie-. coiiiparal i\cly few people have seen actual evi-

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grammes, divided into carbohydrates, four hundred grammes ;

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bers of the profession. When laymen, who must have learned its

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is furnished by a report on the subject in The Medical Age, August

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