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Dr. T. R. Brincklif says. I have re-vaccinated about one hundred

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the Hiss method, the immune serum treated organisms showed no

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patients ; others regard the disease as due to a change in the normal rela-

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The duration of this fever was from three days to as many weeks,

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were noticed under the head of hooping-cough, though the season

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Fig. 4. The parathyroid gland in a cat with chronic tetany. X 150.

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during the winter months is extraordinarily high, and health reports

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The Committee of Publication reported that they had issued the

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relief from this complaint by means of Lycop. 200. So that

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may occur in six hours. Incomplete recovery is possible, with paralysis

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just 24 hours after the first appearance of indisposition, an eruption

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and all three animals died with the second toxic injection administered

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animal with a mixture of an organ containing heterogeneous antigen

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The eruption presented occasional deviations from the normal

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The balance of evidence has of late appeared strongly to support

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the appearance of distinct forms of men and animals, ringing or violent ex-

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with increased mucus. Dysentery with intolerable burning at

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preparation in pleurisy than in pulmonary tuberculosis. In pleurisy,

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ent research was undertaken. Our observations were made upon

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gnawing or pinching sensation at the back of the eye, which had

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of castor oil with 5 to 10 drops of laudanum, every two or three

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torted parasites described by Stephens as Plasmodium tenue might

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ena occurring in the last stages of heart dir^ease, which seemed to be due to pa.'sive hypersemia of the

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' Erb states that this softening is due to fluid exudation from the vessels, and destruction of the nerve

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under jaw, as if chewing ; abdomen slightly tense, but not tumid ;

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knife vras made with a confidence that could result only from

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nephritic symptoms resembling those of renal colic, are not infrequent. The

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Dr. H. Gibbous remarked, that he differed from Dr. Jackson in

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Edema of the left had not had time to develop in the few hours which

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ments that in grinding the pancreas its powerful proteolytic enzymes might

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the patient reaches a condition of coma, yet in mejiingitis days elapse be-

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discharges." The absence of mineral astringents and

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to Types I and II. A small number of cases are due to infection

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day before the injection, he received news of the death of his elder sister. In

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In my experience the multiple infection of red corpuscles by young

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sional matters of fundamental importance and of current

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Annual Report on Surgery, which was due at the meeting in Novem*

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(From the Department of Bacteriology of the College of Physicians and Surgeons,

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posterior leg buds, tadpole bodies, and no sign of forelegs.

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than an embryo of the sixth week ; but the placenta or rather the

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capillaries are found obstructed, are serious and fatal objections to this

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