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that the city pays for its patients a dollar a day, amounting

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been persistent, has by long experience been found an infalli-

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provement was noticeable, notwithstanding the injection of different fluids, such as tinc-

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that the face fiushes and gradually becomes purplish

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medical journals must resort to such practices, the profession

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frontal bundles) which arise in this cortical centre.

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literature makes it the more reliable and appreciative. E. s. A.

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13. Has the professional and fraternal spirit improved?

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The second part of the operation consists in curetting the ulcer and

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the second it was thirteen days. In both cases the original disease was

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normal and afterwards dilated ; but the pulse failed more and more until

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required weekly hours, just as so many hours of Latin

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speculum, at various periods of gestation, from seven months to the full time.

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patient is on the side on which the fistula exists. This is especially impor-

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the deep veins ; so that you merely convert a super-

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It would be obviously foolish to attempt to examine the prin-

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attached, and drawn back with the needle, leaving one end in the

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One would think that if no gonococcus could be found

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a whole, against whose broad and deep foundations, the surges of popu-

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against this malady consists of the infusion of the ledum palustre, (a plant

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in crowded cities, they are even more terrible among tribes of

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facts were elicited for other factories on the same street, all tending to

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Here then is a total, at a low estimate, of $00,000

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of old lymph near its superior edge, but it was not in any

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1 Do la Choree, etc., Mem. de 1'Acad. de Med., 1850, and Medico-Chir. Review,

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heavier elevators as used extensively in Europe and by many in this

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in any members of the family so far as can be determined, and her

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of education, and it should forge still closer the link between

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America almost entirely that these faddists and their pretensions

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embodied the results of seventeen cases which came under the author's care in

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Chloride Water are proof against malaria. A prevention

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462.— IVoyes (II. D.) Muriate of cocaine as a local anaes-

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and stitched the lower lip of the wound to the upper,

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Critical Discussion of the Theories. — The following

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