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Wasserman and Takaki not only support this view but show that the toxin
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the swollen liver cells upon the smaller biliary vessels, is, of course, hepato-
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sis. The characteristic rash appears in the form of small, rounded circum-
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fever and then clear entirely so that in convalescence the lung is perfectly clear.
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This practice is based on the following principles:
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oxidized to indoxyl and skatoxyl, which then form conjugation products;
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redness over the affected area. There is rarely any constitutional change.
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duration and hastens suppuration, locally. The wet pack
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inaptly been named "the messengers from the kidneys."
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described by Litten, has been questioned by a number of authorities,
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twenty-four hours are very great. There may be a slight rise in temperature,
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those cases where albuminuria is found after the ingestion of
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third, secondary affections due to streptococcaemia. The heart is frequently
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Management of the Acute Attack. — ^\Vhen an adult is attacked it is a
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old New York family, was bom in Brooklyn, New York,
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pectoration may be absent; dyspnoea is usually not great although the
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Root, E. K., M.D., On the Differential Diagnosis of Cardio-
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may be few signs of circulatory failure until near the end.
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ment; Assistant Visiting Physician to the Philadelphia General Hospital;
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arise during the acute stage or in convalescence. The clinical character of
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joints but in no others. For a time the cardiac s^-mptoms also appear to be
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any protection he enjoys against the bites of mosquitoes, for a hungry
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I have had occasion in corresponding with our examiners
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two to five days, during which time no symptoms may appear, or the
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skin might have been the point of invasion for a general septicaemia. The
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Assistant in Clinical Medicine in the Medical School of Harvard University;
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between the contraction of syphilis and death. Of the
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femur. They have also been demonstrated in a number of cases as the