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raise the pressure in the small arterioles beyond, and so to aid in the
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Etiology. — A hot climate and a warm season, salt water,
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not prepared to say whether this congestion is con-
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one's hand and fingers sustain no pressure from an accurately
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diphtheria at one dispensary which were not considered so at another.
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6s.; B. E., 10s. To Mr. Griffin : E. C. Buckoll, Ead-
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ALBEET A. JOSLIX, M. D., Martinsburg, Lewis County.
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a number of cases of hysteria. These signs, however,
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tions analogous to the tuberculin reactions, by subcutaneous injections
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German States during the winter and spring. In Prus-
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fibula ; also the arm. Wherever the cutaneous nerves
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in that she was an acromegalic and her anterior nares were very large, and
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they rather expose the organism to a much more serious danger
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sense of taste is very partially distributed, being
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noted it in one case which proved to have no daughter cysts
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knowing what sort of a blow was given, either double or
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attacks. It is, therefore, possible that the centers may have acquired
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muscles of the palate and the platysma are very rarely in-
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taining the prefence of phthifis, in its early flage, is univerfallj
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Surgeon of one of the New York Regiments of Volunteers, and now
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dining room having been described in our last, we need say no more
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vealed a moderate cyanosis of the vaginal mucous mem-
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