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had been married two years and had had no children and
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Treatment of Malignant Syphilis. — Albert Neisser {British Journal of
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during pregnancy were sufficient to account for the lesions, have also
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metastasis from a malignant growth, and puncture is unnecessary ; but their
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iricle, and the right cord was markedly reddened, with
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itiative to carry out their impulsions as readilv as
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turbances are present, as in Raynaud's disease, anae-
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ate, and we have no doubt that its many merits will be duly appreciated
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centage of t\pes of tubercle bacilli that should be
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fore anesthesia, 102.1°; uncovered; anesthetic, ether. Temperature
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was added to the solution to test the permeability of the ureter. By
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is the important symptom, that they have by the time they come into the
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8. The Malaria Conference at Simla in October. 1909,
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of the physician to warn him of the enormity of his
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can never be reached, because of tuberculin intoler-
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which no one was much larger than a split-pea. In none of these were
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He illustrates pyaemia by a case in v/hich a tendo-vaginitis of the index-
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clear enough to resent any interference with his lib-
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organization of the cells, on the other, the result must follow as surely
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in which success followed the use of a seven per mille serum, both hypo-
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Endothelioma of the Middle Ear. — Leutert observed an endothelioma
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to the human race than Marlborough and Wellington and Nelson have
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The influence of heredity is the only point which strikes us forcibly,
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covers the entire inguinal canal. It is hinged to the spring surrounding the
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along the course of the right ureter the exit of a cylindrical plug of
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tracted a general tuberculous infection. In the one
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bowels, regular heretofore, became sluggish. The patient went from bad
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has been a distinct amelioration of the exophthalmic goitre under the
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of chorea minor, but are confined to a limited region of the body. They
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Jewxix reports five successful cases. Noting the reports of Aufrecht (one
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tamination in closed containers. Of great importance is the use of this sub-
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stamp out diphtheria in an institution the only safe
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tiveness to any eft'orts made to care for them, the
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united with angular union, were found afterward. On several occasions
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If the cases are arranged according to the day of the disease upon which
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Contributions from abroad written in a foreign language, if on examination they
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given mixed treatment without avail. A globular swelling