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228. Cases of Inter-Menstrual or Intermediate Dysmenorrboea. Dr. William O,
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those cases needing slight stimulation of the mucous membrane,
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Richmond, Va., said that clinical evidence of cardiovas-
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Introductory Xote. This chapter will consider chiefly the disturbances of the
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ognized its advantages, and urged its adoption. Dif-
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This important discovery was announced at the meeting of
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instance was meningeal hemorrhage, as against cerebral meningitis, which
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Committees met with Dr. Boland to outline preliminary
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toneal tuberculosis may become cured spontaneously, but he
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placed in a close juxtaposition,- the granular fatty matter of oil globules
medrol cvs
5. Pitchenik AE, ColeC. Russell BW. etal: Tuberculosis, atypical mycobactcri-