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The appetite and general health were good, fever and
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dition. On the other hand, severe bleedings usually exert an unfa^'orabir
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cases in which he inoculated children with virus from
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and at times near its close, without any untoward occurrence
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Reynolds, Frederick P., First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur-
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third year to puberty there is still a notable diminution in the pulse-rate,
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class belongs simple diphtheria of the tonsils. Marked glandular swelling,
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pancreas, and the kidneys appeared healthy; the peritoneum was
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cal production of the opacification of the lens, and at-
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only in certain portions, millet-grain to hemp-seed in size, distinctly
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wander out of the anus, and when the female is crushed by scratching
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contractio7is in the affected fibres. These may, therefore, be either in
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placed uteri to their normal conditions. Removal of
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were cut through downward along the transverse processes of three or four cervical ver-
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infectious disorders, in fact instances are not wanting where the nat-
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In the chronic form of inflammation of the pia mater, whose symp-
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of the mysteries of the so-called Wassermann fast cases. The
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(1) The Consecutive or Secondary Tuberculous Synovitis, — When the
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The treatment of different forms of pneumorrhagia must have reference
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at the Center for Continuation Study on November 10,
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is evidenced by the record of a case reported by C. W. AHen.^
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practical in the volume, and it is beautifully and amply
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the chest. Our author considers the following liniment
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few leeches applied to the temples often have a very happy effect in mod-
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for the depressing action of the salt on the osmotic pressure. A
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1. From the Smithfield Meat Market, where it is in-
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which it is written, the immiensity and variety of the subject, and, it
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Huntington's father and grandfather had both been familiar with the
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yields to a full dose of opium after the most active purgatives
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ending July 26th the summer corps of physicians visited
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the attacks of dyspnoea ceased, and the cough, expectoration, and other symptoms,
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tion. The patient, a female, the second child of a healthy
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Inoculation experiments have as a rule been indefinite in result.
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I have been selected by my companions for the work, not on account
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length of this latent period cannot be ascertained. Consequently the
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arising from the right facial nucleus ; second, the knee of the
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overlooked— factor: allocation of expenses to these sources
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cases of central organic disease, it is quite likely that its dis-
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