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disappears, if such an isolated Mu, is exposed to heat. But even then
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on its possessor are apt to be rebellious and lingering. A strumous
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from inflammation by the absence of that tissue reaction, which
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with the simple exception of the menstrual discharge, is
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with drawn until the pressure falls to 30 cases the symptoms are severe from -the
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trols. Inoculate all in right groin with 0'75 c. c. of above
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true diphtheria. In other cases we fail to find the Loeffler bacillus.
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one — merely the drainage of the pus collection with-
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extensively as it has been used in Europe, and this transla-
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I mention the foregoing as relevant, since medical men
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OC of 9.2). In LC patients, LOS was the same with or
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In the others, various stages of spore-forraation are shown. 'Hie spores appear at
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was extremely exhausted. Pulse, 120; temperature, 101-4° F.
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This impression was confirmed by the operation, for the abdomen
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showed all the characteristics of spleen, remained as movable as before.
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already described. The causes of all local dropsies are not always to be
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Asylum ; Lecturer on Psychological Medicine, St. Thomas's Hospital.
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whereas violent and great extension may rupture the whole
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and the vaginal less, frequently. The great advantages
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opium, and was removed to the Gouverneur Hospital, where
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palate and pharynx has been described. It is unknown whether there
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Sweden, England, and in the United States. It appears to be more common
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' NoTB.— The figures 1 denotes the data for June, 2 for year to date.
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become caseous, and tuberculous cavities, abscesses of long standing,
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usually referable to a mixture of phosphates and carbonates, and
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Indications for the Use of Glycerine Injections and
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taking some medicine began to vomit and could not get bowels
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toxic agent. They are attributed by some to urtemia, by some to ammoni-
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primary condition with which the abscess is associated, such as ear
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named Leger, of Marines, Seine-et-Oise, stating that the
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that may be done. Taking the human material supplied and
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dium may be directly treated, and the adhesions will be less than when the