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Professor of Surgical Pathology, Medical Department, University

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arranged that when a wire sieve was placed ovar it, and water

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portion of the body cavity which is partially enclosed by

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two months, and has already a very successful clinic attached

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treat all cases as the one reported; the means best

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ness nor r&les were present. His heart, liver, spleen and tempera-

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laws of his state, regulating the practice of medicine, and is

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mistaken, the weakness of collapse, flickering pulse, the pinched

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This gave a low index No. 1, namely, 73.7, which should

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doubling of the first sound, followed by slight accentuated

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female — the ureteral opening being either dilated or

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been the experience of other surgeons in operating on

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Straits Settlements: Singapore, March 18-23. 2 deaths.

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system by the most modem methods failed to discover

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of Alcohol In Common Schools" : Dr. Ivan D. MIshofT, Milwaukee,

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sour at times. His weight had fallen from 165 to 140 and he

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dog on which I performed a thoracotomy, the heart's

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cance of the negative test is in cardiac eases in which it gives

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the parasite on which quinin has no effect are sensitive to the

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most unheard of, except as the result of wounds received before

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noted a slowly developing lack of energy and an undue

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type of civilized man. I hasten to allay your apprehen-

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which may injure the brain or excite grave cortical

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failed to contribute your full quota to the great progress

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answer was that, under the act of 18!)5, she was compelled to

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should first recognize that the child has a great blood supply

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that great biologic law by which living beings repeat