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has many centers of infection, none officially recognized. Although the
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with 0.5 gm., and increasing by 0.1 gm. at each subsequent injection.
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battle-fields, the better inspection of pharmacies, etc.
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horse being compelled to stand in a constrained position, or a
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inflammations, namely, septic peritonitis and phlegmonous inflammation
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into the structure and mode of action of the organs in the lower
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observed by Stepp is due not to the deficiency of lipoids, but to the mechani-
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Insanity, published in the Lancet, which we hope to
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A feature that practically always accompanies these attacks of colic
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idiosyncrasy against quinine, the smallest quantities of this salt
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a thrombus, e.g. carcinomata or other tumors pressing
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which ultimately becomes of itself diseased. From this cause —
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the central part, which had been kept from closing by
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July 28, 1875, she was brought to me, and on examination I
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alternate nights, and finally yielding to quinia; likewise to the violence of
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with negative results. Of Reed's 1 8 cases, 1 died of miliary tuberculosis.
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do not apply very well to the conditions under which
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least, self-supporting. Secondly, every patient should
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Prognosis. — This is bad in all forms. Cases in which the onset is
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even a larger one would be required if one would avoid
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" When we consider the variety of opinions which have been offer-
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nate that " health resorts,*' so called, do not always prove to be such : they
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peral diseases of the kidneys originate during gesta-
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the most powerful astringent, haemostatic, and heart-stimulant known.
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short period, in cases in which all suturing was limited to
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usually a distinct significance, as indicating local trou-
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of experiments to determine the relative value of the various methods
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but painful afterward. Has not menstruated since last
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7.15 to 8.25 a.m., 10.10 a.m. to 1.50 p.m., and 3.10 to 5.20 p.m.; so
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in the wee!<- was 29 '408 in. The barometrical reading increased from
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the prominence in the groin above, an irregular cavity was first
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extended downward along the bony ridge at the sides of the nose from the region
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The vaseline was used in connection with ice-cloths,
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tificial Band and Arm. The models you showed me the other
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wounds have been restored to the colors, it is doubtful if
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cases, at the deeper j)ortion of the canal had dis-
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Unfortunately, in not a few cases, trying for the doc-
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The average duration of acute bronchitis is ten or twelve days. In severe
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known, had suffered from repeated dislocation of the shoulder during life. These
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