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women in difficult labours knew no other way to save the mother but
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Treatment. — In countries where yellow fever reigns, prophylaxis, accord-
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formations at a time when it is difficult or impossible to obtain any
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are usually emaciated and prostrate. They lose all power of
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thrombo-phlebitis. The conditions favorable to thrombosis are, as yon
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on linen, and when cold cut into circular discs, about
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The bacilli were tested from only one case, and these
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{^'lad to show his friends, and he asked, " Have you ever been to the
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munications, books for review, exchanges, etc., bead-
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or rather eczema, of the ears and sides of the head, with other complaints.
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The department of logic reports a discussion lying within our prov-
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for commou employment, Vaseline had not yet arrived. There were no capsules.
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against tuberculosis now being waged in this city will be the
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SURGERY — Surgical Technic, Two Weeks, October 29,
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fatal cases the glands remain hard and very painful. If the disease is pro-
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It is not my intention or is it necessary for me to go into the treatment
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with each other, and with the expanded spinous processes of the
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small intestine adherent to the raw surface just above
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Gloucester 1 each. From erysipelas Chicago 8, New York 5,
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matters vomited, appears to carry with it its full pro-
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use of the silver is resorted to, using iodoform bacilli in-
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tubes in cotton, and sterilized by dry heat; then they are ready for
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discussed at considerable length, in committee of the whole, and
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a small mass removed at operation from the head of the pancreas was
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occurrence of an hysterical aura, or by the way in which the attack can
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with the 30th of indicated remedies, and sprays the throat at
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countries are daily adding to the literature of the sub-
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alcohol, 100; [and (/^j Liq. Ferri Sesquichlorat (Ph. Germ). 4 c.c. ; Hydro-
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right leg. The slightest touch was perceived on the right side, but not
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researches of Bignami — may now, after numerous confirmations from
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excision had become a necessity or not. As regards the patient, he will,
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C.B., Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals, by Major-
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by Dr. Spencer. There were three removed within a few weeks about six
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ferences may be classed under two heads, | delicate female, after the manner of JJupuy-
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handy reference-book in its increasingly important sub-
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The ocular paralyses which may be noticed in cerebral tumour show
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A remarkable statement in this circular is the fol-
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alty against those who sterilize degenerates without official sanc-
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Another writes: *'I would include your first two points in one
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do great injury in various vi^ays. She may lay a charge of procuring
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points in this grouping of the cultures can be summarized thus:
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Former distributor will arrange for factory installa-
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past history of the patient may be the all important factor in prog-
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complete cure save some enlargement from obstructed circula-
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In this number we copy an excellent article on t the cranial character-
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and these being twisted or tortuous, become conglomerated at the upper part,