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be held at Madison, Wis., June 12, 13, and 14. By order of the Executive Com-
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near 5. Each type of phosphatase is estimated by incubating the
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(5) Repeat as described under (3) above, covering the re-
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the Salmonella. It is placed in Group D since it contains somatic
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a. General. The calcium is precipitated as Ca 3 (P0 4 ) 2 and the
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saline solution and add an equal volume of absolute ethyl
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since it ought to be possible to immunize him actively against
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infection with Rickettsia prowazeki previously described by
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c. Culture of Anaerobes. Tissue removed aseptically from a
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appear in the course of scarlet fever or measles, or tuberculosis after
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the end in 3 cases. Cough and pain: Cough was present in
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vomiting. During the first twenty-four hours she passed a few drachms
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bled Dr. Drysdale to prescribe successfully without any path-
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be the only instance of bitter prejudice against the medical pro-
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and phonation, and is insensitive to touch. The paralysis may be unequally
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not in use and if warming to 37° C. (as recommended for
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indorsed ; and it says, " We recommend, therefore, that when a
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perature, under 15° C, others which can only grow at a temperature of
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coupled with an intelHgent history rests the diagnosis; to the
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stances from the blood to the interstices of the connective tissue,
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way of stating the case. A number of these so-called complications have
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establish identity. (See table XXXI for more precise identifica-
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may occur before the pigments leave the blood for the tissues.
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tion is produced by passage through the animal body.
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reduced to 5*7 per cent., so that with the antitoxine in milder cases better
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This usually represents a 1 :6 to 1.15 dilution of the concentrates
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dered him so helplessly miserable. Envying them their happy
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Subsequent History. — The patient remained at a private
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The now celebrated ' Margaret, mother of criminals,' reported
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of the working standard in the same way at approxi-
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Few non-specific positive reactions occur with a 1:10 dilution of
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ten dollars, on an average. On the expiration of one course,
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individuals attacked could be said to be underfed. The absence of
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finally confined to the house. By February 1, 1920 he was
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instance, an attack of eczema cured by metallic quicksilver ; or
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Ochre-coloured " pea soup " stools should always cause a suspicion of
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The blood may either be freshly collected or preserved
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These cases include all the gonorrhceal affections of the testis
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