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Medical College, Philadelphia, has located in Waterbury, Vt.
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cranial dilapidations caused by the surgeon. Therefore it is
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I. Examination of the clothes ^ often impossible, besides being
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ing ; had not spoken a loud word for six weeks. Arum tri-
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takable signs of Bell's paralysis (probably induced by taking an
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humanity which lie beyond the reach of microscope and scalpel.
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BsstRcss CciEisiuee of tbe .\scicUcoc He txs o:e of
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tion, which is becoming greater every day, occasions a strain
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to its history. Women must find their education in thost
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extension is necessary, they effect it in the following
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thirty-six hours it should be withdrawn by the aid of the tape
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hilated by the defence set up by the tissues. Besides, a
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A great deal is said of the liberal views, which are thought to
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hand there will also usually be such toxic "salicylic symptoms" (vide infra)
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good sense and freedom from antiquated prejudices in elect-
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ing ; had not spoken a loud word for six weeks. Arum tri-
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not be cured without going outside this short list of remedies.
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medical organizations ; he is a member of the American Medical Asso-
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Garden, the Zoological Society, and the Association for the Preserva-
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form to-day fully as much as reform was heretofore needed in
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from nose and mouth ; wants to pick lips and nose until they
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Massachusetts Homoeopathic Asylum for the Insane will offer to
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plan of the work, the description of each plant accompanying
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for free distribution; giving Ihe eminently satisfactory
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it '.iis:, '. : \iv; ;-; i-divid^i! now and then who is capable
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subject there. Indeed it may be said that he created that
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hasty meals, and telegrams, and business, and nightmare sleep,
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symptoms increased in severity for about three hours, the
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give up practising for a time ; and, on his recommendation, Dr.
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Dr. Sims's book, which had just appeared, to the clinic,
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be inimical to the practice of homoeopathy, should be vigorously opposed in
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over the " prospectus," as it appears from year to year, without
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ciation, New York State Medical Society, Buffalo Academy of Med-
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will occur within the nations instead of between them, he has taken
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friend and classmate, Dr. Gray, at the Fifth Avenue Hotel.
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workhouse, island hospital and small-pox hospital, and excepting only
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America where children were not only furnished with pasteurized
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upon American society, but one of its most serious dangers. To
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day for rest ; but physicians know that imperious nature demands
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through the instrumentality of Dr. Bulkley, who as early as 1880
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Boston Homoeopathic Medical Society, of the subject of securing
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mer of 1883, the retina separated only so very slightly that no
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learning in which he has lectured and taught. In Buffalo he has
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end. It is, however, very plausible, if not probable, to say that
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the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital,
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cerebro-spinal fluid is crowded out of the perivascular spaces,
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In rSgi she went abroad and studied in Paris, under
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Dr. Woodward was a fellow of the American College of Surgeons,
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splinters derived from the inner table have been liberated ;
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ing her course she attracted the attention of her professors
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progress and civilization, unless they can be reached and checked