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We felt the responsibility of our position, and have endeavored
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but they may also be very advantageously employed when the uterus
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tomatic of the inflammation involved in the local diphtheritic affections.
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Camphor Liniment. — (Camphorated oil.) — This is camphor gum,
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disturbances of the same character ; that is to say, the
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swelled or inflamed, and the patient feverish, or if there is any
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General Anatomy, Histology, and Microscopic Anatomy study
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University of London, 1968. Intemship/residencies, St.
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had not been so much in the obstetrical line, yet he
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individual death reports in the Brooklyn Health Office. J
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Statutes defines “professional nursing”, and Sec-
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of that kind of pigment which, not originating from the
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ent one upon the other, and contribute, though unequally,
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etc. He had not seen so many cases of scurvy during
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benefit is derived, and one that stultifies the whole profession. It is
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should know about the matter. The outcome of it was that I
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ysis of these data and future studies specifically identifying
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to determine upon some system of investigating water-
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symptoms. The febrile element is secondary and accessory, and the
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bleeding is not a common character of these injuries. Death from shock is
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panied by a purulent discharge from the left ear for two months ; for
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Ireland — Dublin Castle. Chief Clerk, J. Smith, Esq.
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horse should be reduced before he is operated upon. He cannot
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was not one, as William Hunter well observed, that could have
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pyo-pneumothorax, expectoration of fetid pus, septic
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fonnil ruptured on its posterior surface above the folds of the
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which was given twice, while the two grains of quinine
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angry crew. diHident tourists, .-mil impatient ortieers. ."sueli a <ou(iition soon w;is to
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the lower and middle thirds of the leg as the point of se-
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inquiry. It is unnecessary in this place to refer more particularly to
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the form of a small tumor in the abdominal cavity. On the
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ume compares fairly well. The quality of the papers is of
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possible, is an excellent one ; one grain to one drachm
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upon her individuality. It is a recorded fact that during and immedi-
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to a few days after the onset, and the opportunity then presents itself of
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solution of caustic soda or potash are used, while reliable in experienced
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found that two individuals with complete lack of specific
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is a large area of tubercular infiltration in the upper lobe
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head may be slightly inclined to the paralysed side (though this is not
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position. In his little book, " The Asphyxial Factor in