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Other parasites, he states, were definitely ring-shaped, not infrequently possess-
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frequently follows a suspension of the monthly discharge ; and in
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which the suspected urine is allowed to come slowly
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showed no evidence of carcinogenicity There was also no
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symptoms known as thyroidism, which is just as liable, how-
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color, and may cover an area of several inches. It is gener-
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Consequently^ according to M. Desmarres^ and the italics are
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Mr. Gamgee has described a very formidable operation, under
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accused of practicing sorcery and compelled to fly to save
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with the Levaditi stain, numerous typical stain. The diminution in the size of the
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fibres begin to disappear, their excitability to galvanic currents quickly
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tion or moderate compression of the lung may give rise to a modified tympanitic
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any definite anatomical change. It consists in the rapid
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connected with the hygroraetrical condition of the atmosphere and the uni-
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has improved passage across the stomach and has prob-
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the kidney. A physician who is consulted about that
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there is an apparent exception in cases of constitutional pas-
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time for this antagonism to men in obstetrics to die out. It may
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liquid is propelled ; E, cock ; F, barrel containing the leirs, and closed
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sulphide play a prominent part. His hypothesis regarding the significance of the
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cirrhotic liver which is distinctly contracted or " atrophic " can,
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Anterolateral tract of Gowers, which conducts to the
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ing of the peritoneum thus made is not more than half an
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Morbus Coxarius is the title of a brief article by Dr. J. C. Hutchison,
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may be very simple or dangerously complex. Sometimes one opera-
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to be a hundred and three years old. Father Cull, a Methodist clergyman, died last
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doses, the whisky was used at intervals throughout the
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after long or short intervals. The health of the patient is generally feeble,
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viously received an oral dose represents the amount of drug that has
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studies in the science, but in fullest detail the practice also, of derma-
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Commentary,'- In this case the intestine had l *« • « - 1 1 strangulated in
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plants have dropped off, the round cells with the fibres attached
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very vital meaning for their own lives, but only the
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stained appearance of the muscles was limited definitely by convex margins •
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based on historical data for specific locations and specific types of
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forth fruit not unworthy of the best era of their predecessors.
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